Nikon PN1 PN-1 anello 1:1 micro 105/ NON AI Visualizza ingrandito

Nikon PN1 PN-1 anello 1:1 micro 105/ NON AI

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Nikon PN1 NON Ai Auto Extension Tube 52.5mm

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Extension Tube PN-1

female F-Bayonet; male F-Bayonet; 52.5mm extension; automatic diaphragm coupling; non-AI meter coupled; built-in rotating tripod collar

This tube is matched with the older 105f/4 Micro and offers continuous focussing (when mounted) from 1:2 to 1:1. With the 105f/4 racked out to 1:1, the entire combination is quite impressively long. With the 105f/2.8 Micro AI-S, it offers focussing slightly beyond 1:1 (because that lens shortens its focal length as you focus closer). It also has a nice rotating tripod collar which helps the mounting of the 105mm tremendously. It will damage AI cameras without a flip-up lever (Nikkormat FT3, FE, FM, F3, F4, F5 with modification).