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Nikkorex F 1962

The Nikkorex F was introduced in the same year as the Nikkorex 35II. It was also referred as "Nikkor J" in domestic Japanese market. It was a radical change in design from the earlier model(s) as it was like the design of the Nikon F type of control and appearance but the pentaprism is a fixed type - in fact, many Nikon fans believed it was a product of Mamiya. It was generally seen as the pre-Nikkormat model as its exterior, controls, top panel layout control as well as the new hinged film back were taking shape to operate like a modern SLR. One of the interesting feature is its seemingly Nikon F eye level prism which restrict the position of the accessory shoe (other Nikkorex bodies have a centered positioned accessory shoe on top of the prism), it actually was placed at the front, just below the shutter release and shutter speed ring. The maximum sync speed is 1/125sec, courtesy of a vertically traveled shutter unit - the first Nikon that employed with such a design. It was a TTL camera for viewing but it is still a meterless SLR. But a Nikkorex F-meter can be coupled to the camera for taking external exposure reading. For some enthusiasts, the Nikkorex F is interesting item to collect as it was like a hybrid camera mid between the professional F and the subsequent Nikkormat model. It remained as the only Nikkorex model among all available commercial produced Nikkorex that carried with such a design.